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Yahoo! - Computers and Internet

Radix - Acha mais e melhor na internet

AltaVista - Brasil

Teoma Search -- Search with Authority


Conectiva Linux - O Linux em Português

Linux Journal

The FreeBSD Project

REDHAT.COM - The definitive online destination for the open source community.

Linux on Laptops


Welcome to the IEEE Communications Society

Transactions on Networking Online

IEEE Network Interactive

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication (J-SAC)

IEEE Communications Magazine


IETF Home Page

IRTF Groups Page

Active IETF Working Groups

Request for Comments (RFC) Editor Homepage



The MBone Resource Page

MBone (or IP Multicast) Information Web

MBone Collection Tool


The MBone

Multicast Applications

Davin's collection of unix programming links

5 Multicast Network Programming

Multicast over TCP/IP HOWTO: Multicast applications.

Internet Video/Audio Multimedia Application Tools

Mbone Conferencing Applications

UCB/LBNL Video Conferencing Tool (vic)

Multicast Sites

Internetworking Multimedia

The Group CommunicationProject

A Collection of Multicast Papers

Higher Level Protocols used with IP Multicast

RMP - Reliable Multicast Protocol

Multicast Transport Protocols

Higher Level Protocols used with IP Multicast

Overview of Reliable Multicast Protocols

Reliable Multicast

IP Multicast Initiative - a division of Stardust Forums

DIRM Project Technical Overview

RMTP Publications

Welcome to the ATM Forum

ITU Recommendations

The Reliable Multicast Research Group


UCB-LBNL-VINT Network Simulator NS

Lloyd Wood - ns

OTcl - MIT Object Tcl

OTcl Tutorial (Version 0.96, September 95)

Lloyd Wood's publications

VINT Project

The Network Simulator - ns-2

Redes ópticas

References on Optical Networks and IP over DWDM

Optical Networks Magazine - Editorial

B. Mukherjee's Optical Commun. nets. Top of Chapter 1

Eytan Modiano and Anthony Ephremides, Communication Complexity of Secure Distributed Computation in the Presence of Noise, IE

Optical WDM Network Simulator (OWns)

Canarie OBGP Website

AcceLight - News - Media Room - Library

Optical Networks 2E

Publications on Optical Burst Switching

List of Publications (2002)

Security Multicast

Multimedia Multicast Security page

Secure Multicast

Módulo Security Solutions - Home

Secure Multicast Protocols

Group Key Management

Alternative Approaches to Secure Multicast

Computer Security Group - Research Topics

The Global Internet Trust Register

COAST Hotlist: Computer Security, Law and Privacy

Network Security: Secure Multicast

SKIP IP-level Encryption

Security Management Infrastructure: Session Key Management Protocols

DOE ER/DP Workshop

Li Gong's Home Page


Just Java

Examples from Java Network Programming

Microsoft Visual J++ Home Page

"Swing" by Matthew Robinson and Pavel Vorobiev, Ph.D.

Freeware e Shareware

Freeware -> freeware & Shareware rated and review

Surf Point - Computer & Internet

Free Zone - e-Warehouse - Saturn Solutions

Interactive Multimedia Jukebox Information

Inst Brasil RNP CG e etc

Grupo de Trabalho de Engenharia e Operação de Redes

Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico

RNP Centro de Engenharia e Operações CEO


Socket Programming Books

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